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Shadows Revealed - Patch Note (Work in progress)

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  • Shadows Revealed - Patch Note (Work in progress)

    There are a lot of new features and improvements coming with Shadows Revelead! The patch notes are still work in progress and we will continue to update more information to this post. So please stay tuned! We have prepared a dedicated thread where you gather your feedback here!

    Shadows Revealed

    Dark shadows that have been hiding for so long are now rising to gain power over Erenor. Shadowhawks, it’s what they call themselves, and you have never seen such a determined will to fight for their cause.

    Those abandoned, the lost or torn

    In shadows train with blood and blade

    To guard themselves they have sworn

    But to guard another they must be paid

    As brothers and sisters they are reborn


    Swiftblade is a melee skillset designed to strike swiftly from the shadows. High mobility and utility skills make the Swiftblade a skillset you don’t want to miss. You ever wanted to shroud yourself and your allies in darkness? As a Swiftblade you can do exactly that. But that’s not all in the deadly repertoire of a Swiftblade. How about dashing through enemies and resetting your position?

    The Swiftblade will not leave any room for mistakes but in the right hands, it can be the deadliest Skillset you want to combine!
    • Added new Achievements related to Swiftblade.
    • Swiftblade: Blade Furry can hit the target in higher point.
    • Swiftblade: using Blink triggers a short Global Cooldown.
    • Swiftblade: adjusted the range of Entangle from 20m to 15m.

    Added new Ancestral Skills


    Quake Dahuta's Breath (Ancestral Lv13)
    • Pushes additional enemies near the primary target.
    • When the Pushed target is landing, knocks back additional enemies within 4m from the primary target, dealing Magic Damage.

    Dahuta's Breath: Mist (Ancestral Lv13)
    • Casts it on a selected area, Pushing enemies towards the caster.
    • Effect Range: 8m- 20m
    • Effect Range: 10m → 8m


    Mist Retribution (Ancestral Lv13)
    • Increased range and damage, but decreased the max number of targets.
    • Effect Range: 8m → 10m
    • Level and DPS factors: 1.6, 0.8 → 3.2, 1.6
    • The max number of target 10 enemies → 1 enemy

    Flame Retribution (Ancestral Lv13)
    • Explodes Armor at the 10th stack, dealing AOE Damage to enemies within a 8m radius.
    • The hit effect stacks only when the Flame Retribution effect is active.
    • Explosion Damage (Melee Damage) Level and DPS factor 6.4, 3.2
    • Cooldown 30sec → 45sec


    Stone Vicious Implosion (Ancestral Lv13)
    • Changed the Combo effect.
    • Combo: Triples the Aggro to the Taunted target → Combo: Decreases the Taunted target’s Magic Skill Damage -10% for 10sec.
    • Effect Range 10m → 7m
    • Flame Vicious Implosion (Ancestral Lv13)
    • Changed the Healing debuff to the Provoked effect.
    • Decreases the Pulled target’s received Healing -60% for 4sec → Inflicts the Provoked effect for 5sec.


    Stone Absorb Lifeforce (Ancestral Lv13)
    • Stuns the secondary target who stands between the caster and the primary target.
    • For 1 second, Stuns up to 8 enemies standing between the caster and the primary target with the Stone Absorb Lifeforce debuff.
    • Cooldown 18sec → 28sec
    • Duration 6.5sec → 4.5sec
    • Flame Absorb Lifeforce (Ancestral Lv13)
    • Inflicts Melee Damage.
    • Level and DPS factors: 0.44, 0.12 (the same values as the previous Magic Damage)
    • Range 10m → 7m
    • Duration 6.5sec → 8.5sec


    Flame Poisoned Weapons (Ancestral Lv13)
    • Transfers the Poison effect constantly.
    • A successful Melee or Ranged attack inflicts Flame Poisoned Weapons, constantly transferring the Poison effect.
    • Range 9sec → 3sec
    • Wave Poisoned Weapons (Ancestral Lv13)
    • Changed the effect of Poison, but the Poison Combo stays the same.
    • Poison Effect: Continuous Magic Damage over 6sec → Decreases Evasion -10%.


    Flame Critical Discord (Ancestral Lv13)
    • Enhanced the effect of Discord; decreased the effect duration.
    • Defense and Magic Defense Reduction from Discord: -15% → -30%
    • Discord Duration 5sec → 3sec

    Quake Critical Discord (Ancestral Lv13)
    • Deals an AOE damage in a 6m radius around the target.
    • Level and DPS factors: 2.4, 1.3 → 1.2, 0.65


    Flame Serpent Bite (Ancestral Lv7)
    • Increased the Malice Charge cost.
    • Malice Charge Cost: 5/10 → 3/5
    • Cooldown 26sec → 36sec

    Stone Serpent Bite (Ancestral Lv7)
    • Petrifies the secondary target who is facing the primary target.
    • Petrifies the enemies within 20m for 2sec that are facing the primary target when the projectile lands.


    Quake Sunder Earth (Ancestral Lv13)
    • Increased the Range.
    • Max Range 9.5m → 15m
    • Removed the Earth Energy effect

    Mist Sunder Earth (Ancestral Lv13)
    • Adjusted the effect.
    • Removed Earth Energy; added Earth's Authority.
    • Earth's Authority: increases the enemies' received Damage +15% for 3sec.


    Lightning Snipe (Ancestral Lv13)
    • Can be used while casting.
    • The skill can be released after 2-second casting.
    • Each second of casting adds the effect of Defense Reduction -6% (up to 30%)

    Flame Snipe (Ancestral Lv13)
    • Deals more Damage to the Slowed, Snared, Silenced, Obscure Vision targets and the targets with 30% Health or less.
    • Deals Damage to a single target.
    • Increases the Damage +10% to the Slowed, Snared, Silenced, Obscure Vision targets. Increases the Damage +20% to the targets with 30% Health or less; stacks up to 3 times.
    • Range: 45m → 35m
    • Successfully hit a target within 100m if the casting is successful.


    Wave Flame Barrier (Ancestral Lv13)
    • Slows down affected enemies.
    • Max Range Forward: 15 m
    • Inflicts Frostbite for 3 seconds, decreasing the target's Move Speed -30%.
    • First Hit Damage Level and Magic Attack Factors: 1.7, 1.5

    Mist Flame Barrier (Ancestral Lv13)
    • Traps the target in the Flame Barrier after a delay.
    • Move Speed Reduction 40% → 60%
    • Total Continuous Damage Level and Magic Attack Factors: 4.7, 4,0 → 7, 6
    • Flame Barrier Duration: 5sec → 4sec


    Wave Healing Circle (Ancestral Lv13)
    • Summons a Healing Flower that heals up to 1 minute.
    • The Healing Flower can be destroyed or can last up to 1 minute.
    • Range: 20m
    • Cooldown 45sec → 90sec
    • Tick 1sec → 3sec
    • All Healing Level and Healing Power Factors: 5.5, 4.0 → 11, 8

    Life Healing Circle (Ancestral Lv13)
    • Instant cast; the Healing effect increment can be increased based on the number of affected allies.
    • Basic Healing Level and Healing Power Factors: 2.4, 3.5
    • Increases Healing +15% per target; stacks up to 10 times.


    Mist Grasping Void (Ancestral Lv10)
    • Teleports enemies in the target area to the caster's location.
    • Total Targets 10 enemies → 5 enemies

    Flame Grasping Void (Ancestral Lv10)
    • Deals Damage to the target within the range, decreasing their Move Speed.
    • Range 35m → 20m
    • Level and Magic Attack Factors: 2.7, 1
    • Move Speed -30% for 3sec.

    Revamped siege & territory system

    As already announced previously Player Nations have been discontinued with this new update. The siege & territory system is now all about the two big factions, the Nuian and the Haranya, and the Pirates, who will as well have their role in this huge territory war.

    There is one castle siege being held every Wednesday in one of the four regions Nuimari, Marcala, Heedmar or Calmlands, moving to the next region the following week. Exeloch and Sungold Fields won’t be available for anyone to claim. Castles can only be built by the Nuian and Harani. But the sleeky Pirates can gain a lot of treasures by interfering in this massive combat between both mother factions.

    Players can check the siege schedule in the new Siege UI that can be found in the Community tab (Shift+v).

    Commander Selection:

    A big role in leading the Nuians, Haranyas and the Pirates is given to Erenor’s Heroes. The highest-ranking hero of each faction, who is online during the selection time, will become the new Commander and will take the role of the previous Player Nations’ Sovereigns. The Commander can appoint or dismiss his Deputy Commander any time during the siege. If there is no Hero online to be selected as a faction’s Commander, the respective faction will automatically lose the siege, no matter if they are defending or attacking a territory.

    Raid Recruitment:

    Players can apply via the Raid Recruitment window or are invited or kicked by the Commander or Deputy Commander. If the Commander isn’t able to form a raid, all players can join the open raid as first-come, first-serve.

    While being in the raid, players cannot turn into Bloodlust or federate with other raids. They are not able to enter Mirage Isle. We recommend not to enter any other instances during this time as this will be counted as an instance entry.

    Based Setup:

    The Commander has to install the Siege Camp by interacting with a Glowing Red Archeum. If the base is not setup in the required time, the faction will loose the siege.

    Siege War:

    Goal – Defender:

    Prevent the destruction of your Guard Tower at all cost until the end of the siege! If the Guard Tower is going to be destroyed, Mana Orbs will be scattered within the siege area. Make sure that the Mana Orbs can neither be purified by the attacking faction nor destroyed by the Pirates! Keep it up! The siege only last one hour, but every second counts!

    Goal – Attackers:

    Your mission for this battle? Destroy the Guard Tower until no stone is left! Mana Orbs will spawn within the siege area. Make sure you can purify as many Mana Orbs as possible before the Pirates are interfering in your plans. But whatever happens, keep in mind, the time is running out!

    Goal – Pirates:

    When two factions quarrel, a Pirate makes a fortune! Maybe a Pirate cannot conquer a territory or build castles, however, destroying as many Mana Orbs before the attacking faction will prevent that neither mother faction can gain the territory. On top, collecting the destroyed Mana Orbs might be a lucrative good for some vendors!

    Siege Rewards – Victory:
    • Commander: 750 Blue Salt Merchant Bonds, 10.000 Honor Points, 200 Leadership Points
    • Hero: 50 Blue Salt Merchant Bonds, 10.000 Honor Points, 100 Leadership Points
    • Raid members: 20 Blue Salt Merchant Bonds, 10.000 Honor Points, 50 Leadership Points

    Siege Rewards – Defeat:

    All raid members: 10 Blue Salt Merchant Bonds, 8.000 Honor Points, 30 Leadership Points

    Naval Arena: Stillwater Gulf

    Prove that you have what it takes to be the deadliest captain of all in a fast-paced naval battle! Lured by the riches said to be found on the Greed Islands, unsuspecting sailors traveled the Stillwater Gulf to become famous and wealthy. Some met their fate when driving their ships into the deadly waterspouts, some crashed to die on a deserted island, but the most common cause of death was the blind greed of the other sailors.

    The new equalized arena requires a minimum of 25 participants and supports up to 50 participants with a required level of at least 30, regardless of their faction. No gear score requirement needed. If you dare to enter this arena you will be provided with a Combat Clipper. Once you boarded the Clipper, you cannot abandon it until the better end. Explore the vast sea and defeat terrible monsters to find supplies, which then can be used to enhance your Clipper. Make sure to be close to Ezi’s Divine Protection when the wave of Greedy Shadows moves in.

    Participants on the 1-20th place will receive a certain amount of Radian Infusion Supply Kits as a reward. All participans receive a certain amount of Kyrios Badges based on their ranking!

    Each hostile faction player kill grants 2 Kyrios Badges. Destroying a hostile enhanced clipper with supplies grants the reward supplies that are better than the destroyed clipper’s grade.

    Abyssal Library

    The Abyssal Library can now be access through the Instance UI. This instance is available all day and supports 3-5 participants, as long as they’re at least level 55.

    The interaction buttons at the physical library in Diamond Shores, open the Cross-Server instance window. Daily quests for the Abyssal Library will be automatically granted, when players begin combat with the bosses. The Ayanad Disciple NPCs no longer offer the daily quests for the Abyssal Library.

    Before the fall of Auroria, the city of Ayanad had a library in the exact same location as the library in the city of Delphinad. Much of Ayanad was nearly identical to Delphinad, but didn’t obey the normal rules of nature and architecture. Unlike the library in Delphinad, the Ayanad Library also pursued the study of magic – even dangerous magic. It wasn’t uncommon to see strange lifeforms call forth from other dimensions roaming the grounds. Magical constructs performed most of the library’s maintenance, and magic shaped and tended the flourishing gardens.

    The following changes are made to Abyssal Library:
    • Increased the Duration of Denistrious's Staff
    • The Staff lasts up to 60 seconds if the player is carrying it.
    • The charged Denistrious's Staff lasts for 30 seconds.

    Abyssal Heart of Ayanad Guardianis stronger than the previous version.
    • The boss now uses new skills: Ice Wall Transformation, Bulging Book Pillar and Stretching Book Pillar.
    • Increased the Damage Boost by Heart Guardian's Fury from 30% to 40%.
    • Increased the basic Attack +20%.
    • Abyssal Heart of Anynad Guardian's skill "Heart Guardian's Revolving Cannon" randomly turn clockwise or counter clockwise.

    New Cross-Server Raid: Kadum

    An unpleasant silence falls over Mistmerrow, right before Anthalon wakes Kadum from his slumber. As the ancient treant starts to spread his seeds of darkness, Anthalon whispers “This is the beginning of the end! Enjoy this celebration of death!”

    The new cross-server raid can support up to 50 participants with a required level of at least 55, regardless of their faction. Your gear score needs to be at least 6000 points. Kadum absorbs water to boost himself and uses seeds of darkness to spawn his minions. Defeat Kadum an return peace to Mistmerrow. The trees require water to grow and weakness against fire. In this scenario, offen is the strongest defense!

    The new Kadum raid is available in the Crimson Mistmerrow instance and removed the Kadum raid content from Mistmerrow.

    Kadum Changes
    • Increased Kadum's Attack, Defense and Health.
    • Added new skills for Kadum.
    • Added a new item, Kadum’s Enhancer that can be acquired from Kadum.
    • Kadum’s Enhancers can be used as a Synthesis Material for World Boss equipment.♥

    Mistmerrow Changes
    • Players can no longer enter Mistmerrow in Auroria.
    • Removed the quests “Fearless Warrior” and “Crimson Army's Counterattack.”
    • Removed the quests related to “Fearless Warrior” and “Crimson Army's Counterattack.”
    • Recall point previously set to Mistmerrow is changed to Cinderstone Moor.

    Battle of Mistmerrow
    • Added a new Faction War Instance, Battle of Mistmerrow.
    • Removed the Mistmerrow Battle Recruiter NPC and the Mistmerrow Recall point.
    • Removed the quests and Achievements related to the previous Mistmerrow content.
    • Added new Achievements related to Battle of Mistmerrow.
    • Removed the Mistmerrow Battle Worldgate from Marianople, Solis Headlands, Diamond Shores, and Growlgate Isle.
    • Temporarily closed the Battle of Mistmerrow.

    Other Instances

    • Adjusted the victory condition and the reward.
    • 1st-3rd places are considered as Victory.
    • Adjusted the amount of Kyrios Badge depending on the ranking.
    • Adjusted the result UI, not to display the kill count.

    Drill Camp Arena

    Adjusted the arena rewards:
    • Victory: Radiant Infusion Supply Kit x3
    • Defeat: Radiant Infusion Supply Kit x1
    • Draw: Radiant Infusion Supply Kit x2

    Arena Shop

    Added a new item, Capturing Toolbox, to Arena Shop.

    Added new quests that available from the item, Capturing Toolbox Ver. 2.♥

    The following wild animals can be captured:
    • Tamed Ant
    • Tamed Scorpion
    • Tamed Mandragora
    • Tamed Boar
    • Tamed Jabberwock

    Added a new mount and a related item in Arena Shop.

    Pearl Steed can be upgraded to Gallant Pearl Steen by using the Magical Horseshoes. Players who already own a Pearl Steed only need a Magical Horseshoes to upgrade the mount.

    Onyx Steed can be upgraded to Gallant Onyx Steed by using the Magical Horseshoes.

    New Labor System

    A new labor system has been implemented to ensure a fairer way of labor consumption among all players. Labor Potions are going to be discontinued. However, you are still able to use up the remaining Labor Potions in your inventory. With this update, Labor Rechargers are newly introduced to Erenor. These items restore a certain amount of Labor. The more Labor Rechargers are consumed the lower the amount of recharged Labor Points is going to be.

    The new Labor Rechargers can only be used on the server where the Labor Points have been recharged and are recharging the sever bound Labor. Server bound Labor will be consumed before accountwide Labor. Online/Offline Labor regeneration and discontinued Labor Potions can only refill the accountwide Labor.

    Revamped Crime System
    • Prisoners can only use the local chat.
    • The prison allows visitors from 9:00 to 15:00 ingame time. Visitor Mailboxes are available; Prisoners can have access to Mail. Added a way to escape the prison when an innocent player accidently fell into the prison. (such as falling to the prison while gliding over the area.)
    • If Infamy Points is 0, the prisoner can leave the prison by talking to a prioson guard. Added a 3-set effect for Prisoner’s armor.
    • Equipping all three pieces decreases the Public Service time. The prison cell gate can be open and closed by players.

    The following changes are made to the Prion Break system.
    • Once escaped from the prison, the “Prisoner” debuff is removed and the most of restrictions are lifted.
    • When a character escapes the prison, the “On the Run” debuff is granted.
    • Players with the “On the Run” debuff cannot open a Worldgate or enter an instance.
    • Can use the world gates opened by other players.
    • When the player is under the effect of “On the Run,” the Infamy Points will be matched to Crime Points.
    • Most players with the On the Run debuff will be a Wanted.
    • Escaping the prison is more difficult.
    • Escaping the prison is a lot harder than before.
    • The previous prison escaping tools can no longer be used.

    • Nuimari/Heedmar/Marcala/Calmlands: Increased the stats of monsters that appear in purified Auroria territories. (Level, Attack, Defense, and Max Health)
    • New Level: Ancestral Lv21 affected monsters: Nuimari Stag, Nuimari Doe, Giant Pilgrim, Heedmar Buffalo, Gnoll Wanderer, Heedmar Owl, Returning Greenman, Calmlands Skyfin, Calmlands Boar, Marcala Ant, Marcala Giant Scorpion

    Auroria Purification and Vyrava

    Purification Packs are required to purify a territory and can be acquired from Territory Office every 1 hour. Purification Packs can only be carried by a faction hero.

    Hunting monsters in a purified area has a chance to spawn the Auroran Guardian Vyrava. Hes spawns for 15 minutes then disappears. When Vyrava disappears, the Vyrava’s energy fades away. It won’t respawn again until the energy fills up.

    Auroran Guardian Vyrava drops Design Fragment: Growling Yawl and Design Fragment: Singed Vehicle.

    Achievement UI Improvement

    Improved the design of Achievements, Story Quests, and Collection on Achievements UI.
    • Improved to clearly display the main Achievements and their sub-achievements.
    • The Achievement list is sorted based on the main Achievements. Their sub-achievements are displayed by clicking the main Achievements.
    • Adding the main Achievements to Ambitions will also add all related sub-achievements.
    • The Achievement detail pages are no longer available."
    Adjusted a few Achievements settings due to the changes made to Achievements UI.

    Title UI has been moved to Achievements UI. The functionality of Title UI stays the same as before.

    Adjusted the sorting rule of Title UI.
    • Acquired Titles are displayed before Locked Titles.
    • Removed the Acquired/Locked sorting option.

    Battle Pets Improvement

    Pets' base stats are changed as below (at Lv55):
    • Increased Attack from 361 to 542.
    • Increased Defense and Magic Defense from 4068 to 5198.
    • Stamina affects the Health regeneration.

    Battle Pet Accessory
    • Added Pet Accessory Crates that grant pet equipment.
    • Sealed Old Pet Accessory Crate, Sealed Shabby Pet Accessory Crate, and Sealed Improved Pet Accessory Crate can be purchased from Stablehands.
    • Uncloaking the Pet Accessory Crate allows you to select a type of Pet Accessory Set. Opening the selected type of Pet Accessory Crate grants a Headdress, a Chestplate, and Legguards pieces.
    • Improved Pet Accessory can be upgraded by equipment synthesis up to Celestial by using related infusions.
    • Added new items, Unidentified Accessory Infusion and Refined Accessory Infusion.
    • Unidentified Accessory Infusion can be acquired from Prince's and Queen's Crates.
    • Refined Accessory Infusion can be acquired by salvaging the discontinued Pet Accessory items.
    • Added a new item, Stunning Accessory Infusion which can be acquired by using Unidentified Accessory Infusions and Refined Accessory Infusions.
    • Adjusted the Pet Accessory slots location on the Pet Info window

    The following is changes related to Companion's Growthstone.
    • Glittering Experience Tonic and Companion's Growthstone have been removed from a Queen's Crate.
    • Removed Companion's Growthstone has been removed from an Ancestral Crate.

    Removed the previous Pet Accessory recipes.
    • Discontinued the item, Pet Accessory Regrade Scroll. Right-click the discontinued scroll to obtain used crafting materials. Increased the Sell Price of Bound Pet Accessory Regrade Scroll. This item can no longer be used ingame.
    • Discontinued the item, Beast Tamer's Bell.
    • Salvaging previous Pet Accessory items grants Refined Pet Accessory Infusions based on the grade and tier.

    Other Changes

    64bit Client

    The new 64bit client has been introduced! When you open the Glyph Launcer and click on Settings and General, you can choose to play with the 32bit or 64bit version.

    Alliance ReQuests

    Added a temporary faction agreement system, Alliance.
    • The faction who can request for an Alliance is flexible based on the server’s faction balance.
    • Faction heroes can request for an Alliance that last for an hour.
    • Each hero can request up to 3 successful Alliances per day.

    Armor Type Change

    Adjusted the Equipped Armor effect based on the armor type.

    Mana Cost
    • Cloth Set: -5%, Complete Cloth Set: -10%
    • Plate Set: +5%, Complete Plate Set: +10%
    Equipment Grade Effects
    • Plate: Max Skill Damage +6% -> +3%
    Decreased Defense stats and added Magic Defense stats to Plate Armor. The changes are reflected to the Sparring Arena Selection Buff.

    View at the Official ArcheAge Forums