We've created a subscription service that's perfect for GuildMasters.

The 'Publisher' subscription allows access to Blogs and Groups plus allows the subscriber to create Photo Albums in their user profile media area as well as in their Groups and Blogs. Share those pics with a select few or the world.

Once subscribed you can create multiple Groups and Blogs. You can set the permissions of each Group or Blog to allow access in different ways. You can open the Group/Blog to all Guild Life Users or just a select set of users that you pick (Your Guildies). The persons to whom you give access do *NOT* have to be 'Publisher' subscribers. The single subscriber (GuildMaster) can add anybody in Guild Life to their Groups/Blogs.

Each Group created contains its own message board and multiple topics can be created within it. Therefore the GuildMaster can create a public Group for all of Guild Life to access for questions and chat with you and your Guild. The GuildMaster can also create a private Group for just the Guildies to discuss any topics you like. The Guild Master can likewise create a private Group just for GuildOfficers which excludes rank and file Guildies. Additionally the GuildMaster can allow some Guildies to be moderators of the Group to assist in overseeing the Group topics/posts.

Blogs work in a very similar fashion.

In order to keep your Group/Blog members coordinated and ensure you make your meetings on time, you and your invited members can create calendar events by Group or Blog, that only members of your respective Group/Blog can see.

Subscribers get a private Publishers Forum which you can use to discuss issues among yourselves, share tips and tricks and/or seek help from the Admins. Subscribers will also get the ability to live-chat with an Admin whenever one of us is online. No more guessing how to solve an issue, get answers faster.

I'm certain you see the possibilities of this flexibility.

As an added bonus, The subscriber gets the ability to add topics/ posts to our public 'Advertisements' forum. This will allow you to post ads and/or announcements for anything you wish. All Guild Life members, and even unregistered guests can view the ads but only 'Publishers' can post ads.

This is like having your own Forums/MessageBoards without any of the hassle or high expense !!

If you haven't Registered yet, please sign-up for an account now. If you already are a member then just go to your User Settings > Subscriptions to check it out.